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Individual 10 Stocking

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A luxurious stocking with special features: mat and transparent look, soft and airy to the touch, sexy and seductive feel. An "essential" for that special outfit.

  • Exclusive feel with an extraordinarily even look
  • A subtle band that does not cut in and matches all designs of lace lingerie
  • Excellent stretch and a perfect fit, thanks to the use of double-wrapped elastane in each row
  • Barely visible shadow toe reinforcement
  • Main material 83% Nylon, 17% Elastane

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Fits true to size. Take your regular size.

Care Guide

  • All delicate lingerie should be hand washed in cool water with an alcohol-free lingerie detergent to keep its structure and quality.
  • Always hang bras to dry from the center panel and not from the straps, so as to not stretch out the straps.
  • Do not put your delicates into the dryer as this will ruin the fabric and structure.
  • When storing, place your bras up right behind one another.
  • When travelling, prop up bra cups with socks or rolled up underwear to retain its shape.
  • Frequently worn bras should be changed every 8 - 12 months.

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Founded in the 1950s, Wolford is an esteemed Austrian brand offering a broad range of top-quality hosiery, tights, and shapewear. Their products perfectly complement any outfit.

Wolford merges modern design, technology, and superior craftsmanship to ensure comfort, durability, and versatility in enhancing various fashion styles.

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