Fit Services

The Fit Clinic

An everyday bra you can trust

Finding the perfect bra is hard. We understand, and that's why we created The Fit Clinic, our fitting service focused on finding the perfect fit for you. Featuring our best selling collection of the finest everyday bras, our fit specialists will help you find the best bra to suit any lifestyle that you have.

Find your fit

Designed for those looking for the perfect everyday bra. Come in with the bras you wear the most often so our fit specialists can understand your lifestyle.

1-on-1 Service

Our fit specialist will help you understand if you are wearing your correct bra size & teach you how to accurately fit yourself and make adjustments according to your sister size.

Take home the perfect bra

At the end of your session, you will be able to take home bras you'll love! Never go back to an uncomfortable bra again, and you're all set to make the most of each day!