2023 Annual Bra Drive

Give Bras, Give Back

Each year, Sheer partners with corporates and local companies to collect and donate gently used bras to non-profit organizations across Asia who support and aid underprivileged women in need. The recipients of the donations are victims of sex trafficking, crisis pregnancies, refugee status or poverty. Since 2013, Sheer has collected and donated over 10,000 bras and counting.

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In 2023, Sheer has successfully gathered and collected more than 1,000 bras in different sizes and styles through our bra drive.

Donation Process

If you experience any further problems or need any further assistance, please feel free to contact us.

2023 Beneficiaries

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Why Bras?

Bras are a luxury that many underprivileged women cannot afford. They are the least donated clothing item, yet most needed, for women to gain social acceptance andempower themselves with self-dignity. In many impoverished areas, wearing a bra can be what saves a woman from abuse as it symbolizes respect and status.

“Bras are actually a real gap for women in the camp. They are an item that is often asked for by refugees women. This would be an opportunity to make a difference for them.”

– International Rescue Committee(IRC)

Crossroads Foundation - Hong Kong

"It is a great initiative that SHEER runs and empowers women in an often overlooked way! We have distributed the bra donations to Moldova, supporting orphanages and to our Hong Kong Distribution team to help the local clients in need. "


"Thank you very much to SHEER and everyone who has participated in this project! It's been the 5th year since SHEER has launched this Bra Drive charity initiative, we are grateful and proud to be one of their beneficiaries."

Mother's Hope - India

"Mother's Hope celebrated 13 years of our services on 1st of June, that is the day portion of the bras was distributed among the staffs and pregnant girls in our care. With much gratefulness!’

Past Participating Partners