Loyalty Program


Sheer Rewards Program

Once you join our programme, you’ll earn points with every purchase. Unlock different rewards as you move through our tiers.

Creating an account on our website will automatically signs you up for the program.

How it works

Sign Up

Create a free account to join Sheer Rewards and start earning online store credit.


For every HK$100 spent online you will earn HK$3 online store credit for your next purchases. Increase your rewards once you become our VIP.


Accumulate your store credit and use them as money at our online store.


How to earn store credits

Sign Up

Create a free account to join Sheer Rewards and start earning online store credit.

$50 for sign up

Shop Online

For every purchase you made online, you'll earn store credit for your next purchases.

$100 spent online = $3

Refer a Friend

Refer your friends and get store credit for both of you to spend online at Sheer.

$100 for each referral

Level-up as you spend

Perks and Benefits of being our VIPs

Regular Gold Diamond

$100 spent online = 3 credits

$100 spent online = $5 credits

$100 spent online = $7 credits

Birthday Rewards

Birthday Rewards

Birthday Rewards

Exclusive Discounts

Exclusive Discounts

Exclusive Discounts

Early Access to Sale

Early Access to Sale

10% off all year around

15% off all year around

< $8000 spend / year in store & online

over $8,000 spend in one transaction in store or online

over $30,000 spend / year in store & online


I just created an account, where do I find my HK$50 Credit?

Once you sign up & create an account, an automatic email will be sent to you with your store credit code. This store credit code is linked to your email account, and all future store credit will be stored into this code.

How long does it take for my credit to show up after a purchase?

All store credit created from your purchases will show up immediately after your purchase. Please ensure that you are logged into your account when you make a purchase, or use the same email as your account when you check out. If you have any questions about your store credit, please email us at customercare@sheer.com.hk.

If I create a purchase with my accumulated store credit, & make a return, will I lose my store credit?

If you return an item that you purchased using store credit that you accumulated, your store credit will be refunded back into your account. However, if you make a second purchase with store credits created from a first purchase, and then return your original first purchase items, any store credits used from your first purchase will be deducated from the returns amount.

How does the friend referral work?

Once you log into your account, you will see your unique referral link in the widget on the bottom left hand corner. Copy your link and share with your friends! The HK$100 credit will automatically be applied to your friend's order at check out when they shop directly with your link. Once their purchase is confirmed, you will receive your HK$100 credit after 21 days.

Do my credits expire?

All store credit created as a result of your purchases are valid for 1 year from date of purchase. You will receive a reminder email as well before your credits expire!


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