How to Take Care of Your Bra


How To Take Care of Your Bra


FEBRUARY 6, 2020 2:00 PM

You’ve finally #JoinTheSisterhood and found your perfectly fitting bras from SHEER, and now you feel like doing a little song and dance to celebrate. Go ahead! We get it. It’s liberating to say goodbye to red marks from too-tight bands. Any shifting, tugging, pinching and pulling is, thankfully, a thing of the past. Your new bras feel great and make you look awesome! Psst! We’re so happy, we’re dancing right along with you! Now your new bras are working hard and bringing out the best in you. Let’s make sure you’re giving them a lot of love in return. Follow these 4 easy steps on how to care and clean your lingerie so that they hold their shape and stay beautiful longer.


Delicate fabrics, elastic bands, and various metal components in your lingerie require some tender loving care. Hand-wash your delicates in cold water by using alcohol-free lingerie detergent to prevent any loss of color and elasticity. Another option is to machine wash them, but be sure to put them in a protective laundry bag before adding the lingerie detergent and choose a cold water cycle.

Cold hand wash your delicates.

Or machine wash in a protective laundry bag.

Use alcohol-free lingerie detergent to prevent color loss.


Once clean, hang your bras to dry from the center panel, not from the straps. This can be done with a clothes hanger or on the side of your bathtub. Most importantly, never put your lingerie in the dryer as this will ruin their fabric and structure.

Hand bras to dry from the center to protect the shape.

Do not hang bras from the straps.

Do not put delicates in dryer.


Dedicate a drawer or area in your closet for your bras so that they don’t get tangled with your clothes and accessories. Firstly, hook the band straps together. Then arrange them lying flat, right side up and stacked one behind another. When traveling, pack your bras in a small clothing bag along with rolled up socks and underwear propping up your bra cups. This way, they won’t get crushed in your luggage.

Place your bras up right behind one another.

Prop up bra cups with socks or rolled up underwear when travelling.


Even after following our tips on how to properly care for your bras, remember that, sadly, your favourite bras won’t last forever. Bras generally have a lifespan of 6-12 months – even less for well-loved and frequently used ones. As you de-clutter your wardrobe, please consider donating your gently used bras to our annual SHEER bra drive every year. Your donations will support and aid underprivileged women through our partnerships with several non-profit organisations across Asia.

Frequently worn bras should be changed every 8 - 12 months.

Donate your gently used bras to support our Annual Bra Drive.

Our team at SHEER can give you the best bra-fitting service in a fun, supportive, and non-judgmental surrounding.
We can help you build your bra wardrobe so that you can be sure each bra you have is bringing out the best in you.