With Maison Kali

Lingerie & Interview: Sheer
Photography: Maison Kali

What is Maison Kali & what is the idea behind it?

Maison Kali is the House of Rebirth. Maison means House in French and Kali is a Hindu Goddess of Rebirth. We definitely wanted to make a platform and also provide a space for everyone to find themselves again. For a really long time I was insecure about my own body and not until I found my confidence through my first boudoir photoshoot, which made me appreciate my body for what it truly is and also made me realize that everyone needs this type of experience and a reminder that they are beautiful. Maison Kali was made to create elegant images so you can be reminded of how beautiful you are through emotions and with the art of boudoir photography. 

Who is boudoir photography for? 

Boudoir photography is for everyone, every color, every body shape, and gender. There are no limitations. To me boudoir is a form of body appreciation.

Maison Kali Fleur of England

What's the Maison Kali experience like? What should I expect?

A Maison Kali experience is more than just a photoshoot experience, it's a form of self love, and a therapy session to release everything that no longer serves you to make you respect your body for what it is. You can definitely expect an intimate and personal experience to let go of your fears and a confidence building session. 

What kind of outfits should I prepare?

Outfits that you can prepare can range from a silk dress to lace lingerie. It all depends on what your comfort level is in baring your skin. I always say whatever you feel the most confident and sexy in. 

What's the most important to remember?

It's important to remember that you are doing this for yourself and no one else. This experience is a session to appreciate yourself. 

What if I don't know how to pose? How can I look my best?

As a boudoir model myself, I will be your guide for posing and get you into the mood of feeling sexy. To look your best, it's important that you feel your best so throughout a boudoir photoshoot communication is key. 



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