Dear Sheer Team,
I am a big fan and supporter of Sheer, thank you for bringing all these lovely lingerie to Hong Kong.
I was at the gym and yoga studio last night and had a thought. I was so amazed how all these gorgeous woman at the gym wears such terrible underwear. They wear really cute workout outfits and nice dresses from work but once they remove the outer layer, most of them wear granny panties!
We need to get gorgeous Sheer lingerie onto these women. Add an extra layer of sexiness into working out!!!
Happy Friday.
J.M., November 2013
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Hi Lisa,
Just a quick note to say thanks for your service today. I'm wondering why I have not been in before for this service!!! Feel amazing in my new bra & can't wait to wear the rest!!
Thanks again!
R.M., November 2013
I have just come home from the most positive bra shopping experience ever.  
Lisa at Sheer is amazing.   I cannot recommend her highly enough.
From the moment I walked into the beautifully designed store, I felt welcomed but not pressured.  The environment is beautiful, the lighting is kind, the lingerie is gorgeous, and Lisa and her staff know their stuff.
I spent an hour in the store and enjoyed every minute of it.  I couldn't believe how much choice I had and how Lisa just knew what would work for me.  
I've recently changed sizes and I needed to be fitted, so I booked an appointment with Lisa.  I would suggest doing this if you're visiting for the first time (I booked mine on the same day, so it was all very easy). In fitting me, Lisa demonstrated her knowledge and skill.  Each bra I tried was tested by Lisa to make sure it was a good fit, which gave me comfort that the bras I chose to buy would not only look beautiful but also feel good and do their job in the long term. I ended up walking away with exactly what I needed, plus a pair of amazing silk pyjamas which weren't planned but I do not regret.  
Visiting Sheer was my third attempt to find a store in Hong Kong that could fit me well.  I am so glad I found them.  I will never go anywhere else again.
S.D., September 2013
Fabulous Lingerie & Amazing Personalised Service! There is no where else like Sheer - once you’ve shopped there once, they know your size, your preferred style, your favorite colour. Every time I stop by I leave with more than I came for - and gladly so!
Absolutely and undoubtedly the best place for a woman to shop for intimate clothing in Hong Kong.
D. R., September 2013


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