The Best Strapless Bra According To Your Bust Shape

What’s the #1 frustration for women when it comes to lingerie shopping? Finding the perfect strapless bra! This liberating and functional piece of lingerie has the power to transform your wardrobe choices and give you freedom in your movements. However, it’s frustrating to discover that what works for one woman may not work for another. At Sheer, after years of experience fitting women with their perfect strapless bra, we understand that the shape of your breasts determines what style of strapless bra fits you best.

Best Push Up for Smaller Busts

For women with smaller busts, we’re always looking for something to give us extra oomph in our chest area. The Little Bra Company’s Sascha Strapless Bra is the answer to your dreams. This highly flexible strapless bra includes removable push up padding, removable and convertible straps, and a smooth wide band for maximum staying power. With shallow cups that support AA cup sizes and beyond, the Sascha Strapless Bra is also a great option as an everyday T-shirt bra.

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Best Push Up for Larger Busts

Meet Chantelle’s new innovative line – Absolute Invisible, which combines soft stretch jersey and satin tulle that provides the best comfort and stays completely invisible under clothing. The Absolute Invisible Strapless Bra cradles larger busts with its lightly padded, soft flex moulded cups cushioned with an additional layer of breathable and supportive knit. What’s more – a special wire that creates greater tension than a standard bra provides all the support that you need to comfortably wear this bra all day.

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Best for Rounder Shape Busts

This lacy strapless bra from Else is a sexy option for rounder shape breasts. The balconnet style cups provide the right amount of coverage for rounder shape breasts while the underwire supports from below to allow the top of your breasts to curve naturally. With the gorgeous open mesh floral lace throughout the cups and band of the bra, the Else Petunia Lace Strapless Bra adds a romantic flair to your summer day.

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Best for Teardrop Shape Busts

We can’t be more excited about Natori’s popular Feathers Lace bra in a strapless plunge style! Teardrop shaped breasts will find the specially molded cups in this Feathers Lace Strapless Bra distinctly comfortable and flattering. This strapless bra also includes removable multi-way straps that can be worn conventionally, criss-crossed or with a single strap for ultimate versatility. With the straps, this bra is also a great option as an everyday T-shirt bra.

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Best for Closer Set Busts

Want a push-up strapless bra with removable straps made for closer set breasts? Stella McCartney’s Smooth Lace Strapless Bra is the answer! This bra works well for closer set breasts since the bridge, or the center point of the bra between the cups, is narrower than other strapless bras. Made with smooth microfiber for comfort and lace detailing for a feminine touch, this discreetly sexy bra is also a great option as an everyday T-shirt bra.

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Best for Wider Set Busts

For those on the other end with wider set breasts, you’re not alone! Passionata’s Glossy Strapless Bra would be perfect for you. Seamlessly constructed, this bra’s molded cups, underwire and hook and eye clasp are all hidden from view for a sleek and smooth look. A light iridescent sheen in the material gives an elegant finish, and removable straps makes this also a great everyday T-shirt bra option.

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