Sheer Bra Drive 2013

Update April 12th, 2013-

We are so proud to announce that we have collected a total of 1,217 BRAS! THANK YOU to all those donated and supported our cause! 

Stay tuned for pictures of your donations in the hands of the women from Vision First in Hong Kong, Mother’s Hope in India, and AFESIP and Mother’s Heart in Cambodia!

[caption id="attachment_995" align="alignnone" width="640"] the sheer team counting all the bras![/caption]




From March 1st to March 31st, 2013,  clean out your top drawers and donate new or gently used bras directly to Sheer. Bras collected during the campaign will benefit female victims of domestic violence, sex trafficking, and crisis pregnancies. 

We have targeted four organizations both locally in Hong Kong and in Asia to distribute the donations: Vision First in Hong Kong, Mother’s Hope in India, and AFESIP and Mother’s Heart in Cambodia.

Those who donate will also receive a 15% discount towards the purchase of a new bra!


Organizations typically receive a lot of clothing but bras are the most needed and least donated item. Due to this shortage, many underprivileged women are wearing bras that are old, uncomfortable and unsupportive - that's just wrong! We all have unused bras in near perfect condition sitting in our closets doing nothing, right ladies? At Sheer, we believe every woman should wear beautiful lingerie everyday and underprivileged women have every right to do so too!


Please bring or mail your donations to Sheer, 4/F, W Place, 52 Wyndham Street, Central. Tel: +852 2147 3887


Vision First in Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong supports over 500 refugee members irrespective of religion, race, nationality, social group or political opinion. Almost half of the members are women, arriving to Hong Kong with only bring only a small bag of personal belongings. Refugees are forced to leave war-stricken countries such as Somalia, Sri Lanka, Africa, Iran, and Afghanistan. Having suffering atrocities at home in addition to poverty, malnutrition, and separation from family, Vision First aids in efforts to provide basic needs for asylum seekers to rebuild their lives.

Mother’s Hope in India’s Northeastern Nagaland state work to provide unconditional love and care to under-aged pregnant girls undergoing crisis pregnancies. The girls, many victims of sexual abuse and HIV, seek shelter at Mother’s Hope in their short stay home. The organization also aids women from economically challenged backgrounds living in five nearby villages. Mother’s Hope provides basic medical services and baby services for newborns and infants needing permanent homes.

AFESIP in Cambodia cares for those victimized by trafficking and sex slavery. AFESIP aims to successfully rescue, rehabilitate and reintegrate survivors into the community through financial independence in a sustainable and innovative manner. Young survivors typically spend a few months at AFESIP’s rehabilitation center and have no personal belongings.

Mother’s Heart in Cambodia is the first crisis pregnancy counseling service in Cambodia, providing support for every woman facing an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy. Many victims at Mother’s Heart come from extremely vulnerable situations from trafficking, sexual abuse, HIV, and poverty. Services include legal counseling for trafficking, rape, HIV, and mental health. Mother’s Heart is in great need of clothing and bras for pregnant and nursing mothers. 


"Hi, my name is Sofia (name changed ). I am from eastern Part of Nagaland, India. I was an innocent and outgoing fun to be with kind of girl. I was born on May 1989. When I was only 14 years old and still doing my schooling, I was raped by my own cousin (Father’s sister son ) aged 20. I was very angry and frighten and was in deep depression. My family members wanted me to abort the child which I was carrying . I really didn’t know what to do. One of my cousins told me about Mother’s Hope and I moved in there and delivered my baby a Mother's Hope. I relinquished my baby girl for adoption. Since I am quite young for motherhood and with no financial and moral support from my family, So, relinquishment of my baby for adoption was the only option for me." ~ Mother's Hope, India.


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