The Truth about Washing Your Bra

We’ve all spent a bit more time at home than usual the past few weeks, which means more time for personal self-care! Those jars of masks that you bought way back when with full intention to use them regularly are – in fact – being used regularly now. And what about your delicate unmentionables? Have they been receiving your Tender Loving Care in washing them as they deserve? In order to make your bras and underwear last longer, be sure to wash them the RIGHT way with the RIGHT detergents.


To start off, how often should I be washing my bras?

We recommend washing your bras every 2-3 wears to get rid of skin cells, oils and sweat. Since it’s also important to let your bra rest between wears to retain their shape and elasticity, try to build a bra wardrobe so you will have a good selection of bras to rotate with. Replace your bras every 9-12 months, depending on how many bras you have in your rotation and pay attention to the bra’s elastic. Over time, the elastic wears out and the bra band can’t provide proper support.

What is the best time saving method to wash my bras?

We understand that your bras need a bit more TLC than your other clothes, so we suggest this time saving method to having clean bras. Choose 4-5 favorite bras that you rotate wearing throughout a 2-week period (2-3 wears for each with resting time between wears). Then designate one day every 2 weeks as your Bra Washing Day and wash those 4-5 bras at the same time!


Hand-washing is best.

Hand-washing your bras is the safest way to properly extend the life of your bra.

  • Fill a sink with water and add a capful of a mild detergent.
  • Let your bras soak in the soapy water for 10-15 minutes to dissolve any oils and dirt. (Or up to an hour for very dirty bras).
  • Gently swish and squish your bras in this soapy water to loosen the oils and dirt.
  • Drain the dirty water and rinse the bras with clean water. Repeat this step as needed for very dirty bras.
  • To dry, lay the bra down on a towel and roll up the towel without squeezing or wringing the bra.
  • Reshape the bra and let the bra air dry flat on the open towel or hung up by the middle panel over a clothesline.


I’m lazy and don’t want to hand-wash my bras. Can I throw them in the washing machine?

We get it – sometimes we just want clean clothes with minimal effort.

  • Close all the clasps and hooks on your bras.
  • Put them in a mesh lingerie bag.
  • Pop the bag into the washing machine, add the mild detergent and set it on a delicate/gentle cycle with cold to warm water. If you want to wash other clothes at the same time, choose other lightweight items such as t-shirts, underwear, socks and pajamas. Don’t wash them with jeans or towels.
  • Once the cycle is done, reshape the bra cups and air-dry them by hanging from the middle panel on a clothesline.


What type of detergent should I use to wash my bras?

A mild detergent that is alcohol-free and bleach-free would be ideal for washing bras and panties. Our favorite lingerie detergent is The Laundress.

Can I put my bras in the dryer?

Avoid the dryer if at all possible. The heat and vibration will ruin the fit and reduce your bra’s stretchy properties. Make your investment last and hang them to dry by the middle panel or lay flat on a towel instead.

How do I store my bras after washing them?

Avoid throwing your bras and panties into one drawer. Molded cups will pucker and fold, and it’s very difficult to get those folds out. Stack your bras one behind the other instead of folding the bra in half and pushing the cups into one another. Lastly, buy some drawer dividers to keep them organized and safe from damage.


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